Employee task tracking

Employee task tracking

If you are looking for employee task tracking software, you are in the right place. The cloud version of Bitrix24 is 100% free when used by up to 12 employees and we do have on premise (self hosted) version as well. It comes with open source code, API and can be customized. The free version includes task management, project management, employee time tracking, Gantt chart, notifications, document management, client management, social collaboration tools, email server and HRMS.

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

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Basic features

  • Free for 12 employees
  • 5 GB free
  • Unlimited employees - $99/mo
  • Task management
  • Project management
  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • Learn more
Online employee task management software

Employee tasks

  • Tasks and subtasks are unlimited
  • Task can be made recurring
  • Create task templates for common tasks
  • Insert checklists inside tasks
  • Task can be delegated to others
  • Efficiency reports for tasks are available
  • Tasks can be set automatically via workflow automation
  • More
Free employee task management software

Supervision and company structure

  • Supervisors see tasks for all subordinates
  • See all task for department/division in Gantt view
  • Create org chart easily
  • See who's who in online employee directory
  • Search by name or position
  • Permissions are based on company structure
  • Support for flat organizations and social task management
  • External users (non-employees) can be given limited access
  • More
Employee task supervision

Employee time management

  • Make clock-in and clock out mandatory, if necessary
  • Set minimum work day duration
  • Track employee tardiness
  • Each employee has personal daily planner
  • Employee workload planning
  • Daily, weekly, monthly written work reports
  • Employee, department, company calendars
  • Leave requests and absence calendar
  • More
Free online project management with unlimited users

Employee collaboration

  • Free enterprise social network for your company
  • Social intranet inside
  • Instant messaging and work chat
  • Online meetings and video conferencing
  • Secure file sharing for employees
  • Share files outside your company (permission based)
  • Simultaneous online multiuser document editing
  • Tags, mentions, comments, likes
  • More
Free online employee collaboration

With over 30 project management and collaboration tools, Bitrix24 can seem a bit overwhelming at first. If you encounter any problems, feel free to read Bitrix24 manual in order to better understand how each intranet component works. Download the free trial version to see how Bitrix24 could be integrated with other tools or within your server (access to source code included). Available here.

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